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    Time for a post-Christmas update.

    -Found that the Nurse Joy in the Safari Zone Gate Pokemon Center was a fake
    -Teamed up with Riley from Sinnoh to take down Rocket Executive Archer and the Rocket Grunt from the Pokemon Center, effectively ending the Rocket Takeover of the Safari Zone

    -Challenged Olivine City Gym Leader Jasmine
    -Stun Spore followed by two SolarBeams managed to eliminate Metang
    -Blizzard OHKO Skarmory
    -Fire Blast OHKO Magneton
    -Full Restore on Senkei then switch out Hyorinmaru for Senkei
    -Stun Spore followed by multiple SolarBeams took down Forretress
    -Hyorinmaru learned ExtremeSpeed
    -Fire Blast followed by Surf KO'd Bronzong
    -Surf OHKO Steelix
    -Leader Jasmine was defeated

    -Received the MineralBadge and TM23 Iron Tail
    -Registered Jasmine in the PG
    -Senkei finally evolved into Roselia
    NB: I finally figured out why it wasn't evolving. The reason is because my updates have been late at night. So what I did was change the time on my laptop, then used a Rare Candy on it.
    -Senkei evolved into Roserade
    -Went back to Azalea Town and threw the Odd Keystone into the Slowpoke Well, causing a battle with Spiritomb to begin
    -Caught Getsuga the Spiritomb (F, Lv.20)
    NB: Now all I need is Lucario, then I have to finish off Johto, beat the Elite Four, destroy Kanto, then push Red off of the top of Mt. Silver.
    -Gave Getsuga the Exp. Share
    -Obtained HM04 Strength
    -Shirayuki learned Strength
    -Saw Suicune and Eusine again
    -Arrived in Mahogany Town
    -Obtained the RageCandyBar
    -Received an Egg from Sinnoh's Riley
    -Saved progress for now


    Shirayuki/Glaceon (F, Lv.81)
    Strength, Sheer Cold, Earth Power, Blizzard

    Wabisuke/Togekiss (F, Lv.79)
    Rock Smash, Tri Attack, AncientPower, Fly

    Senkei/Roserade (F, Lv.81)
    Cut, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, SolarBeam

    Hyorinmaru/Garchomp (F, Lv.78)
    Fire Blast, Dragon Rush, ExtremeSpeed, Surf

    Getsuga/Spiritomb (F, Lv.20) @Exp. Share
    Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
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