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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Name: AlexOzzyCake
2 Partner Pokémon: Two Snorunts please :D
Why: I love Ice types and Ice type clubs are always fun places to be - especially near Christmas time <3

In a real life setting, would you go to live in the chilly environment of your partner(s) granted your with them?
I would, I looove the cold weather! Although I'm not really sure how this topic relates to Pokémon at all...? xD If it made my Ice-type partner happy then I'd certainly move to an icy region since I adore cold weather and leaving amongst snow and ice would be so much fun, might need to bring a coat or two though haha. Although if I was training other Pokémon such as Sandshrew (I'd always have a Sandshrew. <3) then I'd probably think twice about it since the poor thing might catch a cold D;
welcome to the club Alex!!
lol why did u chose two Snorunts alex??

Originally Posted by 27thColt View Post

In a real life setting, would you go to live in the chilly environment of your partner(s) granted your with them?
Fatty the Mamoswine and Snowy the Walrein
Why:They might not be a super uber type or anything but I still like them.Like,water(My favorite type),they have even stats all around.Plus,Walrein is water/ice.I also like them in terms of advantages.They can beat uber types like ground and dragon.They can beat many common types like flying and grass.
Topic Answer:The really cold places may not be my favorite place.I've had an experience when I was young and I didn't like it.I used to live in the West Coast and in the mornings,it was cold.But,I did like some of it.I've never really lived in a place with snow though,but when you are with an extinct elephant with furs and a fat seal that has blubber that can withstand ice and fire,I think I'd live in a chilly enviroment.
welcome to the club , 27thColt!!

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
The other day I tried out a hail team for a Winter tournament where every team had to be hail and include Glaceon, and it was really fun! Turns out some Ice type Pokémon are incredibly cool (pun intended) and much stronger than I expected. Pokémon like Walrein, Abomasnow, Articuno - they're all much stronger than I thought they'd be. They were wonderfully bulky stallers and made short work of the slower opponents that they came up against, so this got me excited to try even more Ice types and now I'm starting to fall in love with them all over again <3
that's must have been an amazing tournament!! :D
thanks for the topic alex! :D

new topic is how do you guys prefer to use Ice types in teams - as stallers or sweepers? Do you enjoy using Hail to your advantage? And do you guys have any favourite Ice type battlers?