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Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
I love Pokemon with nice nicknames. Ones that you can tell the trainer put some thought into it.
Any Pokemon I get that has weird/lame/dumb nicknames usually get released right after I get it.
^ that +:
- I nickname my in-game party Pokemon, usually with usernames of my fav PC users 8D
- I nickname my WiFi Pokemon, I love when my opponents can say: "I see what you did there" My favourite NNs are: ScoobyDoom the Houndoom and Shiny4kix the Shiny Garchomp. I always try to nickname my Pokemon according to their typing, moveset, their role in the team or just their appearance. (I'm sad that you can't use Pokemon named with other Pokemon species' name, I really like my Pikachu, the Shiny Azumarill...)
- I nickname Pokemon on request when I'm trading. Usually people are like: "Yeah... a NN would be cool, but I have no idea how to call this Pokemon, pick something nice, mkay?" So it's my job to find a cool nickname for them

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