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    Hello my ponies!~
    I would love to reserve a new club. The Antiquity Club.

    First I have something in my mind and I don't really know what to create "exactly". But it will talk about ancient Pokémon and its relations. Like Unow, Abyssal Ruins, Alpha Ruins, Arceus, mythology etc...
    First, people can choose their first Pokémon as a "archaeologist" with a specify Pokémon : or
    And they will get Pokémon step by step by earning pts by posting topic and new posts about interesting speaking about Ruins and many information about the mysterious Ruins and the origins of the world, Pokémon and all...
    What do you think about my idea? :3

    I will think about new systems and I will talk about them to Olli and Ozzy if it is working well and if it is not against the rules!

    Thank you for reading <3