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Team Snowfall


Hello Everyone. I am Aryan. I actually joined PC to download rom hacks and I eventually got the idea to make a rom hack myself. This is my first hack called "Pokemon Christmas Edition". Due to being Christmas recently and the winter season, I decided to make this hack. I want people to join this team so that we can make the best hack ever. I want people to enjoy playing this hack and this hack becomes a very enjoyable hack. This hack will have snowy effects and hail at most places. Hacking is just fun and I want this fun to be created into a big achievement. This hack will be very much related to the winter season and Christmas. I am good at spriting and basic at scripting and mapping.

Current Project:

Pokemon Christmas Edition (Pokemon Ruby Hack)


You wake up one morning and you see your house very much decorated. You then realize that today is Christmas and you can start your journey in the Sneu region today. You recieve the Pokedex ans your Starter from Prof. Larch. Your main goal is to go through the snowy and festive region to beat the Champion. You also have to destroy the plans of Team Ice Flakes. Prof. Larch have warned you of the hail in various areas and the difficulties you will face.


An entire New Region
A new Story
New Sprites
New Scripts
New Maps
New Tiles
Day and Night System
New Gym Leaders and Elite-4
New Hero and Heroine
Team Ice Flakes

Help Wanted:

Tile Editor/Inserter
Music Editor/Inserter
Title Screen Editor
ASM Hacker
OW Spriter
Trainer Spriter
Banner Maker
Alpha/Beta Tester

Any other suggestions will be appreciated

Team Members:

Aryan143priter,Basic Scripter
Ganeshwar: Tile Editor/Inserter
RoboPoke: Banner Maker,OW Spriter,Scripter,Trainer Spriter
SuperLaluigi: Mapper,Alpha/Beta Tester
Dragon master legend's: Title Screen Editor

Application Form:

Applying As:
Proof(Not Needed but will be appreciated):
Contact Info(I prefer PMs and Dropbox):
After joining, download Dropbox here.
Check out my gaming company: