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Rarely anything new? Are you being serious here? I can name a few names on top of my heads who pretty much try their best to update their gallery as much as they can and actually do update it almost every time they receive a comment. Alexail, Cid and myself, to name a few. There's Cirno too (just because she isn't posting much these days owing to her busy schedule doesn't mean she will always be like that), if you wanna talk about traditional artists rather than graphic artists. As for locked threads, most people whose thread get locked DO make a thread again in a day or two. The guy whose thread I closed the other day is probably the only single person who didn't make a gallery again. But 80-90% people do. There's no shortage of threads where you can comment on, really. If you don't have the will to do it, please don't blame others by saying "threads get locked", "no new stuff" etc.

But seriously, why do you think people stop updating or there's "no new stuff", as you said? It is because Artists post their stuff to be viewed by others and to receive feedback. If there's no feedback, nobody would bother updating their galleries. Why would they? They'd think nobody gives a damn and just stop bothering with their galleries altogether. They've got better stuff to do than to post in galleries like retards where nobody gives a damn about their works. You see, this forum doesn't really have a super active art section. We're trying our best to make it as active as possible. There are a lot of artists that put up their works on display and there are a lot of people who see their work. It is just that there's a shortage of people who actually comment in threads. That is the root cause of inactivity. If you're gonna post a thread, expect two three replies and be happy when the number of replies surpass your expectations completely ignoring ALL the other threads in the process, it won't do the section any good. It won't really hurt if you, once in a blue moon, comment in other artists' threads, would it? You, as an artist, should know better than anyone else how happy an artist can be when their work gets recognized by others and get commented on. It brings a smile on their face - happens at least with me!

And I didn't mean to criticize your style. It is pretty goddamn good. The cat's face and her expressions in almost every pic have been captured brilliantly by you. But I didn't get that feeling in the third pic. So I said what I thought. Seriously, didn't mean to offend you or anything, you know. :p
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