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    1. I'd have to say, honestly, that I haven't found that gender truly matters, except for maybe in extreme circumstances. (Tough, I'll admit that I've restarted whole drafts from scratch simply because one scene I've decided upon would be more hilarious if a character was one gender over the other.) If I can help it, I'll try to use whichever would fit the whole storyline best, though I am, honestly, pretty biased towards using females.

    2. For side characters, It's definitely random, again, whichever gender I find to be more ironic or ridiculous for the situation. If I'm writing, say, drama though, it's completely random, just dependant on what I write.

    3. I can't say I've ever tried this, but I agree with Skittles that gender neutral names are probably largely helpful. It can also be used, but sparingly, or perhaps even not at all, and can be substituted for "the person" or something like that!
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