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Originally Posted by iAzire View Post
I'm not sure this counts but it really bothers me that W2 is pretty much the same as W. This holds true for B and B2 as well. What I'm talking about is in regards to the Pokemon you can find and have to get from another game except one big issue.

You get Zekrom in White and Black 2.
You get Resgiram in Black and White 2.

While it is still a better idea to own the (2) version opposite of your previous version for Pokedex ease this will completely lock your legendary. Myself personally own White and Black 2 but get stuck with two Zekrom even though they are the best to own together when completing the pokedex alone. I guess this only matters if you're like me and prefer to be the OT of all your Pokemon.
That's true, though there was the Reshiram/Zekrom Wi-Fi event last March.
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