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I really can't speak for IV and V. Personally, I think most of the Pokemon from both suffer from being too convoluted in design (5 moreso). That'd be enough to vote 'em down, but I won't do that.

So between the first three, probably Generation III. They're all off to a great start as Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, but then they each have some kind of awkward evolution somewhere along the way. Marshtomp looks creepy, Sugimori's intepretation of Combusken appears derpy, and Sceptile doesn't look half as good as Grovyle did. Swampert's a little questionable, too. That's basically 3 and a half strikes.

The only weird evolution in Generation I, to me, is Venusaur and that's because he's so flat looking. Gen II only has one as well, Feraliwhatevertheheckyournameis, it just looks... oddly underfed and disturbing. The Chikorita line manages to stay cute throughout, which has got to be some kind of miracle. That makes up for Gen II's shortcomings alone.

As for the poll, I'm gonna stay out of that since I have no formal knowledge of IV and V.

Edit: Whoooaaa~ Okay, so I don't think Combusken is as bad as I said anymore. Camping Combusken can be cool. It's one of those "depends on the artist" things, though, which honestly can negate negative feelings on any Pokemon, thus making making "worst anything" polls an excercise in futility. Anyway, thanks to Musical Combusken, it is no longer stupid. However, I've edited the above to mention Sugi's design because it's still kind of derpy regardless.

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