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I'm probably in the minority here as I wouldn't want multiple regions. It'd seem artificial and come close to invalidating the fun of earlier games.

As for one not mentioned, I think there should be more HMs (e.g. a Fire-type move that allows you to traverse lava/magma deposits, a Bug-type move that allows you to walk across spiderwebs without getting stuck and having to battle spider-like Pokemon), an analogue to Dig that allows you to actually dig underground, find secret passages, explore, etc.) as well as a card-battling system (not an in-game Pokemon TCG) or something else that you could play with NPCs, like the card minigame in Final Fantasy VIII.

I'm also in favor of a Battle Frontier, a Dark-type Gym Leader, a new storyline, new Eeveelutions, Berry Trees, and a new battle system.
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