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    A whole single response to my last post in nearly 2 months. Wow.

    I've done almost nothing in this project since my last post, due to lack of interest and my working on Essentials instead. Recently, I've wanted to get started on the duel scripts, which meant I needed a design. So I hacked up screenshots of Asobikata and made the attached. They still need tidying up, of course.

    The idea is that everything will take place on one of three views of the playing field (player's side, centre or opponent's side), ideally with a smooth scrolling between each one. There'll be a few sub-screens too (e.g. one for choosing a prize card, one for listing cards to choose from), but they'll be overlaid on the field. It's very ambitious, I know.

    There's just enough space for 2 Active Pokémon, but not if either is paralysed or asleep (which rotates the card sideways; I could forego card rotations in favour of status icons instead). Double battles aren't something I'm worrying about right now, though.

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