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Yeah, I was going to stay out of this, as I don't want to drag it further off topic, but...

Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
On the last forum I posted my art, it would be knocked off the front page before receiving any replies whatsoever. People there only would reply to the "popular" artists.
Yeah, I get that. In fact, I'm kind of surprised PC's art section isn't all that lively, because (and I don't know how long the mods for this section today have been here) I remember many many years ago, not only was it more energetic, but it used to be just like that. I couldn't get a word in edgewise, and I was doing stuff at the time no one else was. And then the popular artists wouldn't even talk to you if you were new. It didn't give me a very good perception of PC (or Pokemon artists in general) back then, but fortunately it's seemed like that's all changed, so whatever happened, at least everyone gets a fair chance.

Actually, I remember when this fan base was a bit more devisive overall. We had more disagreements with fewer generations than we all do now with more, but I really think that's because everyone around my age grew up and calmed down (and we're no longer the only ones), ahaha. Plus, I think we all like Pokemon more on a nostalgic/childhood shaping level than as something to get defensive about, and it kind of brings us all together somehow.

So yeah, historical information aside, I can see your point of view. Favoritism sucks, and too much of it begins to warp your perception of communities. Trust me, I've been there. But as I've gotten older, I've learned you can't make your judgments on all things based on the worst kind of people (or the most ungrateful, or the most whatever). And if you see it happening, challenge yourself to be the opposite, even if spite's your motivator. Think they're deserving artists that aren't getting enough praise for their hard work? Let them know you appreciate what they do. Afterall, they didn't have to go out of their way to do it. No one has to do anything outside of eat, sleep, breathe and maybe one other thing. There needs to be an established motivator in order to do anything else. It's different for each person, but most artists like to know they aren't just tossing their ideas into the wind.

So, with that, I'd have to agree with Derozio, and I'd suggest taking what was said into real consideration. I believe you always reap what you sow, even if the rewards aren't always immediate. Just be thoughtful and considerate to everybody, that's all. :) Oh, yeah, and be aware of topics that are older than two months and haven't been had their galleries updated.

Aw man, sorry for lecturing. I really just meant to say I understand both sides and perceptions, at least as best as I can from my own experiences. So, yeah, uh... post new stuff when you can. :P

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