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Not here to request, I think you probably know how I feel about doing that.

I've seen galleries like yours and Acquiescence by Cid, and on one hand really like what's being done, but on the other, I'm not exactly sure what's being done, either. I see all the before and after examples, but it's still not enough to paint a clear picture.

I'm making the assumption that what you're doing is more graphic design and typography. But is anything else touched up from the source picture itself? Also, are personal graphic touches added in, like shapes and forms?

I have a GD background, but didn't pursue it, so my knowledge of the subject has waned over the years, but I still understand some of the basics. I'm actually more curious, and interested to hear about your design process. That is to say, what do you do step by step? I'm speaking more generally, as I'd assume each piece kind of gets it's own treatment.

I guess what I'm asking is, how does a found image turn into a signature work of Derozio? :) Also, I hope this question is still within forum rules. I don't have enough of an understanding of what's going on to comment on anything directly, but my curiousity and willingness to learn about it hopefully makes up for it (if nothing else but to satisfy the graphic designer in me that's barely making it through on life support, heh).

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