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→ Route 30

Krissu did not walk quickly. Some part of her still feared leaving the safety of the city she had gotten to know over the past week. Route 30 had been a scary thing to just talk about and avoid. But here she was, not even looking back at the buildings that would be barely visible between the trees now...

Something bumped into her from behind. Reflexes and a nervous mind made Krissu jump around and motion for Tentacool to go forward. The water type was still out of its pokéball. It hesitated before it really followed the order though. What had bumped into his trainer was a small, orange haired girl with bright aqua eyes and... pajamas?

"Oh, hello" the girl greeted, smiling as she stepped back. "My mistake, I didn't notice you there. Thinking does that... a bit."

Krissu blinked. "Yes... it does," she said and let down the hands she had been inadvertently raising in front of her out of surprise. Was this girl a NPC or a player? Sometimes it was hard to tell, but then Krissu remembered that she could enable the HUD interface and make markings appear in the air above the heads of players. She usually kept the HUD off, because that if anything would make all this feel unreal. And that might make her do reckless things.

A green pokémon floated in the air beside the little girl. Solosis, if Krissu remembered her pokémon lore correctly. Maybe it would be a nice thing to have a pokédex, because right now she could only check information about her own pokémon in the menu. She wondered where one could get a pokédex in this game.

"Is that your only pokémon?" she asked the other player. If it was, it was rather reckless of this trainer to venture north already.
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