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Great arceus long replies. I don't want to skim and get something wrong, though.

Look, I don't study every single thread to know exactly when someone updates. I rarely come here, but wanted to at least attempt to give a few people a laugh. I never complained about a lack of replies; as I said, this is certainly more than the last forum I posted my art on. I'm not sure how this has turned into what I see as an argument...?

I just joined here in November (Thanksgiving day, I believe), so I wasn't around to see the older stuff that happened here. This is the first thread I even posted in the Art & Design forum, mostly because I don't have enough decent art to make a gallery. T:

The new update is finished (has been for a couple of days, actually). I don't know when I'll post it, but I assume I will eventually. Perhaps later tonight or tomorrow.
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