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    Don't worry about first person perspective being self-inserty or Mary Sue-ish. It's a common perspective, even though I think it's generally harder to write, and everyone's going to interpret 'I' in the story to mean the character you're writing, not you the author. It's the content and context of the story that makes a character feel like a Mary Sue or a self-insert.

    For example, if you write a character who acts as an extra member of Ash's group, gets romantically involved with your favorite characters, and is great at everything, it's going to feel like a self-insert or a Mary Sue regardless of narrative perspective. Same goes if you write an interesting and well rounded character who isn't just acting as wish fulfillment; it's not going to feel like a Mary Sue or self-insert regardless of perspective.

    As for the switching perspectives, one popular technique is to write a chapter as a journal entry from one of the characters. The important thing to remember is that you have a lot of options. Don't be afraid to try new approaches!

    By the way, I notice you're newish. Welcome to PCFF&W!
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