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Player Interaction...

"Is that your other Pokemon?"

The girl who asked this was odd... rather detached as it were. Ange didn't mean in looks. No she didn't at all. They were in a game after all and looks didn't mean everything. Her hair was pink though, something she once would have missed. Also she was tall, rather tall. It made her have to crane her neck to see her eyes. Ah the eyes, that was it. The eyes had an odd sort of feel to them. She was real. Oh yes she was ground in something real and it was very, very strange.

She had a weird... squid-like creature. It was a tentacle monster. What were they called? The manual for the game was no use... but someone had to have said what it was. A Ah yes that was it. It was rather cute... but probably felt a lot like Sia.

"Oh yes," Ange replied without thinking to the question. "I would have caught one earlier but most of the Pokemon leave you alone at night you see. Or at least they did there." She held up a red and white ball from her bag. "There were a lot of these scattered around on the ground. Well, not a lot," Ange amended gently. "But a couple. It was strange, rather like someone dropped them." Sia gurgled at her, looking rather amused at his trainer's rambling. He was not telepathic, at least not that he was aware. And even if he was, it wasn't particularly interesting to project his thoughts. Ange had enough problems without voices in her head.

Ange then suddenly paused from her dazed musings. "Are you a player too? You're probably smarter than I am. Never touched a game before..." She stopped and fell silent, patiently looking off toward the grass. It was rustling a bit, rather persistently. "My that was startling. Noisy creatures." The words were fond, almost like she was remarking on that crazy, distant uncle instead of the normal creatures of the environment.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."