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→ Route 30

Krissu looked more closely at this girl. She was rambling; Krissu didn't really understand what she was trying to say. But she only had one pokémon? She must have been hiding in Cherrygrove just like Krissu had up until today.

"Are you a player too?" the girl then said, seeming to calm down a bit. "You're probably smarter than I am. Never touched a game before..." She stopped and fell silent, patiently looking off toward the grass. It was rustling a bit, rather persistently. "My that was startling. Noisy creatures."

"Uh," Krissu began, rather unimpressively. "I'm a player, yes. My name is... Krissu. I think you should capture more pokémon as soon as you can, because with only one, you run the risk of easily, well you know. Whiting out. You should also carry some potions with you-"

She stopped herself. What was she doing? One minute ago and the whole previous day, she had been looming about and never wanted to chitchat or smile again because of Malcolm's demise. But here, this lost little girl made the old Christina bubble up and feel like she wanted to help out. Krissu wasn't sure of what she should do, but she knew that her head would hurt if she started thinking too much again.

Before she could say anything more though, the grass rustled again and a green little caterpillar emerged. It stared intently at the smaller girl. An alarm went off inside Krissu, automatically. Even though this pokémon was one of the weakest to exist in a game ever, a player who was not used to the games could still fail against it. Krissu did not want to see that happen in front of her eyes again.

"A Caterpie..." she mumbled. Tentacool felt her disposition and looked as if it was ready to poison anything that tried to harm its new trainer.
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