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Dangerous Encounter...

Ooh my...

"Wow..." Ange murmured. "Cute... isn't it Sia?" Sia let out a squeal at her, glowering with black eyes. She giggled. "Sorry Sia... so... we fight right?" Sia squealed again and Ange nodded slowly. "Hmm... okay.... then fight... with..."She opened up her menu and glanced at the caterpillar. It was glaring at her. Odd. Had she frightened it by knowing where it was? "Screech." Sia let out a high-pitched wail, making Caterpie flinch in pain. It had hurt a bit but generally had caused little in terms of damage.

Ange however was not so lucky. The noise burst into her ears, bringing an unbearable agony that ran from her ears into her head. She clapped her hands over her ears, whimpering for a moment. What kind of attack was that? It hurt her more than it hurt anyone else! "Ow..." She would never, ever use that move again. Never any moves like that. There had to be more of them. No more.

Stop! she thought. Stop! Stop please! To her surprise, Sia obeyed, floating over to her in concern. Her ears were ringing but her eyes did catch something, the leaping form of the Caterpie. "Look out." Sia was smacked to the ground. "R-Rollout?" The Pokemon began to spin, spinning and spinning faster until he was a green blur. Caterpie stared at this quizzically before rushing forward. Sia however crashed into it practically knocking it over. The Pokemon tried to turn mid-spin and failed, ending up twirling into a dizzy circle on the ground.

Ange frowned. "Oh... this could be a problem... what do you think?" She looked at Krissu as she said this, earnestly quizzical over the ringing in her ears.

Meanwhile, the Caterpie tentatively swung a string to land onto the top of the Solosis' body. It continued to thread and spun itself around and around, up the cell.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."