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Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post

Oh, that's not what I meant. Tumblr is great for finding images.
It's not so great at giving source to or credit them, though.


I must add that it's an unspoken rule amongst many tumblrers (is that even a word?) that the picture must be credited to the original poster. There are even tutorials out there on how to use certain programs/sites to find the source. I've seen people get angry over sourcing. As an artist, however, I support linking to the original source. You don't put hours and hours and hours in a picture to see it disappear in the voids of the internet where other people run around showing off your art without mentioning you. It's why I try to put watermarks on picture I put on tumblr.
But by no means is "tumblr" a valid source, it's like putting "deviantart", or "google".

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