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    I just got back into Pokemon, beat Diamond, and decided to start on HeartGold, and I have no idea what my team should consist of. It would be helpful if anyone could tell me what Pokemon would be good in a team, if I should get new Pokemon, and/or what moves should I teach from TM's. I just beat the third gym. I will level up some of the lower leveled Pokemon. WILL UPDATE INFORMATION OVER TIME.

    Pokemon with a * are in my party currently.

    I Have:

    *Bayleaf-Nature-Calm - Ability-Overgrow - Moves-Tackle,Synthesis,Razor Leaf,Reflect - lvl 25

    *Gyarados-Nature-Hasty - Ability-Intimidate - Moves-Bite,Ice Fang,Twister,Dragon Rage - lvl 32

    Scyther-Nature-Naughty - Ability-Swarm - Moves-Leer,Focus Energy,Pursuit,False Swipe - lvl 14

    *Heracross-Nature-Serious - Ability-Swarm - Moves-Tackle,Aerial Ace,Horn Attack,Brick Break - lvl 27

    Nidorino-Nature-Impish - Ability-Rivalry - Moves-Fury Attack,Peck,Dig,Rock Smash - lvl 21

    *Crobat-Nature-Adamant - Ability-Inner Focus - Moves-Bite,Confuse Ray,Air Cutter,U-Turn - lvl 29

    Pidgeotto-Nature-Bashful - Ability-Keen Eye - Moves-Tackle,Quick Attack,Gust,Roost - lvl 21

    *Quagsire-Nature-Jolly - Ability-Damp - Moves-Water Gun,Mud Bomb,Headbutt,Mud Shot - lvl 26

    *Growlithe-Nature-Careful - Ability-Intimidate - Moves-Ember,Roar,Reversal, Flame Wheel - lvl 26