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    Originally Posted by BioManiac R2 View Post

    RED - i backtracked some more to right after the digglet tunnel and surfed down a path and (not knowingly) began the movie 1 event. i broke my raft and ended up on new island where nurse joy sent me back because I didn't have a ticket. but then i was unable to return up to the route because my raft broke!? I tried it again and it let me (even though without a raft) trigger the raft break again, and i was on new island, without nurse joy to stop me... i finished the movie1 event (somehow with level 40 pokemon) and returned back thinking i could go back to the route... nope... still no raft... from here I hacked the walk through walls and returned to the guy who gave me the raft - maybe he give it again? nope... this is basically why I'm here... my game is kinda messed up without the raft...
    You can use a program called YAPE to edit the ROM and make a certain pokemon you can catch in the are you are right know to have a raft as a holding item. It's very simple you don't even need a tutorial.
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