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I wish it was a reality instead of a dream, but this would be me:

What region would you meet them in? - Unova

What town would you be from? - A proud citizen of Virbank City.

How would you meet them? - probably by coincidence, meeting after a short Pokemon battle, having a short conversation, becoming travelling companions

What would your main goal be? - To become the greatest Pokemon Doctor, or a Pokemon Watcher (like my favorite anime character, Tracey)

What would be your preferred Pokémon type? - Half Dark, and the other half mixed

What would be your main Pokémon (the one that walks around with you)? - Purrloin. Since Meowth isn't native to Unova

Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent? - Definately evolve, I love Liepard. I'd train strong and in a smart way

What would your gender be? - Male

What would your name be? - I'd probably stick with my real first name (Daniel) or other similar short names (such as Denny or Danny)

What family members would you have? - Grandma (my grandma and I are really close more than anybody else in my family)

What would you look like? - I would dress similarity to Tracey, except without the heandband, never really liked them - nevermind, I'll just dress in black pants, Roxie's band t-shirt, and a leather jacket, just like a Rocker would.
I ♥ Fire Foxes and Cats!! I loves Litten, my choice in Sun/Moon - art drawn by Bonez1925 (claims no credit)
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