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    Don't mean to bandwagon, but mine also involved a shiny. I was in Cerulean Cave in LeafGreen around '08 or so, and I found a shiny Ditto. As the idiot that I was, I kept my Rayquaza out and threw an Ultra Ball. I'm sure you can predict roughly what happened next: the Ball shook three times and broke open, the Ditto transformed into a Rayquaza, and I spent the next forty or fifty turns chucking Ultra Balls, Great Balls, and Timer Balls at it, weakening it with other teammates as necessary, and STILL never caught it before it Struggled itself to death. Mind you, this was with a freaking SENTRET on my team to whom I could've switched at the start of the battle (and caught easily) if I hadn't been so confident that I'd make the catch with one Ultra Ball right away.
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