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    Just an update on my current hunts:

    Dratini - 1760 SRs (Soul Silver)
    Piplup - 150 SRs (Platinum)

    So I reset my Platinum version earlier today for a new ID and hoping for the best, I don't plan on resetting again so I'm just gonna stick with it until I get the shiny Piplup. Lately the hunt for Dratini has been coming along a lot slower than it normally would since I have been so focused on SRing in Platinum. I want shiny Empoleon VERY badly, because it is one of the few water shinies that isn't purple or green and I just gotta have it so I can start playing in Sinnoh for the first time. I'll try and get more hunting done in SS since the resets are much faster, but wanting to get Piplup so badly is conflicting with that. Been thinking about going to get Heart Gold too because I want another shiny Johto starter (Totodile mostly, but I wouldn't mind Chikorita since I don't have one) and the SRs are really quick. Whatever happens, I just hope Dratini and Piplup shine soon!

    Welcome to the new members, and good luck to everyone on their hunts! :D ***


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