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You know, guys, I appreciate all the requests, but can you request something less harder? Haha.

Originally Posted by Gerokunz View Post
I'm here to request again and thank you for that weirdobat. xD

User Name: Gerokunz

First Pokémon: Squirtle
Second Pokémon: Giratina Origin
Colour Palette: Giratina Origin
Notes: Don't kill me, because I'm just your problem. xD
No prob, here's your request!

It's so adorable! It's like a Squirtle dressing up as a Giratina! Perfect for Halloween! Anyways, thanks for requesting, come back soon, and I won't kill you. Haha.

Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
So it was Mid's idea, huh? Well, actually I knew that, I'll have to beg him not to kill me too. Ok well, that was really good, you deserve more business (I'm ready to send you my customers if necessary, as I have too many requests) and because I don't believe you and feel like I will wake up with a gun to my head (or in my mouth, or any other vital area of my body) here's more xD

Recolour, Fusion and Pokeball
Username: PikakittenX

Pokémon: Pikachu
Colour Palette: Eevee
Notes: Don't kill me.

First Pokémon: Eevee
Second Pokémon: Arceus
Colour Palette: Arceus
Notes: Please don't kill me.

Pokémon: Togepi
Notes: Please, I beg of you in the name of Arceus, don't kill me

I realized my Post Count Obsessed was empty and you know what happened next xD
Thanks! You're actually one of my biggest competitions when it comes to spriting, along with Mid. Anyways, here are your requests!

Hope these are okay. Thanks for requesting, and thanks for voting me on MoTY as Most Post Count Obsessed!

Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Who doesn't want their sprites to be done by the vampire queen herself? Better hurry tho, Gunther's about to tell the Ice King where u live.

User Name: Mid
Pokémon: Deoxys
Colour Palette: Rayquaza - shiny
Notes: "Knock, knock."

User Name: Mid
First Pokémon: Thundurus - Therian form
Second Pokémon: Tornadus - Therian form
Colour Palette: Rayquaza
Notes: "Who's there?" said Marceline

User Name: Mid
Pokémon: Golurk - shiny
Notes: "It's me, the Ice King!"

Ugh *facepalms* :c
lol I pity the Ice King. I'd like to help him, but I don't know if I can. Haha. I love that font you use. Anyways, here's your requests!

I'm hoping I got the Therian forms right. Haha. Anyways, if you want a redo, ask me. Thanks for requesting, Mid! Come back soon!

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