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Flint de Telarius- The Chariot

It was surprising to watch the girl eat with the unbridled passion and speed of the girl that shared the food table with Flint. Most of the girls that Flint "dated" did not share Flint's love of food (except the occasional munchies). It was somewhat depressing, but bearable. It was nice to see a girl break the mold for once. It kept life from becoming too predictable, as he had sadly adjusted to since returning home and working. Life had become so…tedious in that sense. Small things like this reminded me that life could occasionally throw him the curveballs he had loved so much.

"Mmmm! That is good! I think I'll take a few more..." she had said after a loud gulping noise.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't eat everything now. I want some too!" Flint said, teasing her. Flint had already had eaten about half of a plate, and frankly was beginning to get full. It was a good thing too. If he didn't eat everything earlier, he probably would of been fairly drunk on all the drinks he had since attending the event. Events like this always made him drink. It was one of the few ways to deal with Marcus.

She had continued to eat, continuing to impress and surprise Flint. This was someone that Flint could handle. Someone who could enjoy life, even in simple matters. For some reason, he felt comfortable. Maybe this ball wasn't too bad really. Comfort food had run its course.

"So…" Flint said, trying to find a way to word his next phrase without offending or annoying the girl. "You got a name? Or would you like that I call you "Cute girl that likes food"?" Flint said facing her and throwing her a teasing smile as he asked. "You can call me, Flint." He chose to avoid sharing his last name. He never enjoyed sharing it, as he never felt like one of the family.

That was all Marcus' fault.

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