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gimmiepie's IC thread is accepted!

WolfOfEve's HYRULE The Golden Era is accepted!

aspie3000's World War Three: SI is accepted!

gimmiepie's Aeterna is accepted!

Fusion200's Adventure Time! Pararell meetings is declined.
Alright, so, when you're making a roleplay based on a series that isn't Pokémon, you need to write more of a backstory about the series so those who haven't seen it understand what it's about. Also, you need more of a plot anyway. How about you explain why it happened? How? When? Where? Why? Go into more detail! And just from a roleplayer's point of view, having people constricted to using only characters from the story isn't really appealing at all. ): Why don't you include the idea to let people create their own characters?

Ryker's The Life of a Pokémon Ranger is declined.
So you'll need to go more into depth about this new threat as well as explaining why the students are chosen to overcome this thing and just... explain things more. Same as above! How, where, when, why, who etc, etc etc.

{Swan}'s REBOOT: Game of Chance and OOC thread is accepted!

CharmingAngel30's Link Artes Exhibition : Symphony of the Graces is accepted!

Za_Destroyer's Transformers: The Dying God is declined.
Like I said to Fusion200, you need to properly explain a back story of a non-Pokémon roleplay. Also, explain the virus, how it effects Primus, who was involved in it and how it effects everyone else.

jov0006's Rising Shadows is declined.
Um... you really need to explain who these people are and how they are bad! It's like you've begun writing in the middle of the plot! Can you write a background about all the organisations? d:
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