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→ Route 30

The little girl had no idea how to battle at all. It was as if she had never even played one of the old, traditional pokémon games. Didn't she say that earlier, actually? Krissu watched, keeping herself from taking action, as the battle unfolded and the Caterpie eventually used its String Shot to bind Solosis inside a cocoon. Here, Krissu had had enough. She would not let the little girl white out.

"Tentacool, Constrict!" she said. Tentacool seemed to shrug and then sent out its vines, letting them twist around Caterpie's tail, surprising it and dragging it away from the psychic pokémon.

"Supersonic!" Krissu then said, and Tentacool sent out soundwaves that made the worm at the end of its tentacles somewhat dizzy. "Hey, are you watching?" the pink haired trainer asked the orange haired one. "The trick with attacks like these, like Screech, seems to be to place yourself directly behind the attacking pokémon. That way the soundwaves won't reach you in the same way as if you are in front of or beside it."

Tentacool dropped the now agitated and confused Caterpie on the ground, a couple of meters away from the struggling Solosis.

"It's hopefully confused for a little while now... give it another chance," Krissu said, looking at Ange with stern, red eyes. She couldn't just beat it for her; the little trainer had to learn how to survive in this world without relying on others too much. Right?