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Originally Posted by SnowpointQuincy View Post
My biggest complain on this topic is the lazy animation of the Anime. There is a living, breathing pokemon animal on the screen moving around. And then, from the bottom of the screen, the pokedex slides up and replaces the moving picture of a pokemon with a static non-moving picture of a pokemon.
Actually the image on the Pokedex Rotates and it's not always the case as far as I know.

Also this is only my thoughts and headcanon but it seems that in some (recent) cases he does it on pokemon he's seen recently (aka Unova Pokemon) in order to remember what the Pokedex says and devise a strategy. If not then you can will probably all go nuts when he uses his Pokedex in the Unova League on Pokemon he's already seen. Also the Buizel and Corphish (I think it was Corphish) he encounters later (which I have a reason why he uses the Pokedex for them but I'm sure no one cares/will listen anyways).
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