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Originally Posted by Lunafloon View Post
Thank you! She sure does! There's just something about yellow shinies I like. I don't even mean to collect so many but I guess I may as well make it a thing now, especially since I'm hunting Shinx on Platinum soon

A lot of Treekos being hunted for around here! Good luck finding those blue and red geckos, and any other hunts taking place. I'm in the process of hatching my stockpile of 330 Snover eggs, which brings the total number of eggs to 530! MMing is fun and frustrating all at once, that's only (roughly) half the odds and I already feel like it's taken forever!
I know what you mean with the yellow shinies - those and blue and black ones look really cool to me!
Good luck to you too - hopefully Snover won't be much later for the holidays!

Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
I do have a question for you guys, though.
Should I try to SR for a shiny Lugia, once I can get to it? It would be my very first shiny legendary, which is nice. But should I skip out and go for one of the bird trio instead? I think I'm going to go browse the shiny versions of the legendaries to help decide.
Personally I'd go for Lugia - all the birds are awesome, but Lugia's quite a lot more different between its normal and shiny forms than most of the birds. Plus, you can go after the birds after Lugia, but can't go the other way round!

Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the club, grassbunny! Congrats on the shiny Metapod!

I MMed some Litwicks on White on the 24th for my birthday, but no luck.
What is your Litwick hunt up to now..? It's such a shame it couldn't arrive for your birthday! Good luck next time you pick it up! D:

Originally Posted by ThatIceman View Post
hi every one i just wanted to say that i caught a shiny ponchyna :D i am so happy
Congrats! :D

Good luck also everyone else on their hunts! We need more shinies! xD
And merry late Christmas to all; I hope everyone got what they wished for and spent plenty of time with family and friends!

Personally, I received a slightly late Christmas gift today, thanks to my apparently lucky Leafgreen (Which got Articuno at just over 3k and now this...):


Took me only 1326 SRs - I do have my now 16k+ Treecko hunt, my 1300+ Dialga and my 7k+ Kyurem hunts ongoing too... so goodness knows why I got the lowest numbered shiny, but it's okay with me! Lol!
I got caught so off guard with this. I used 50+ balls, but it ended up going in a Masterball, unfortunately. The whole time I was fighting it I wasn't sure if it was shiny! Lol :D

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