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    -I generally try to save in cities or towns that I like and usually with a lot to do, at least after I've finished the game (Celadon City or Four Island in Kanto, Goldenrod City in Johto, Lilycove or Slateport City in Hoenn, The Under in Colosseum, Realgam Tower or Gateon Port in XD, Veilstone or Hearthome City in Sinnoh, and Castelia City in Unova).
    -I never press any buttons when capturing Pokemon.
    -I try to keep the Pokemon in my Boxes in a non-regimented order (i.e. I leave open spaces and deliberately diversify them by type and level).
    -I usually nickname about a quarter to a third of my Pokemon. However, in Black I've made a point to name every single one (after the first hundred or so, the names get really contrived), and I've nicknamed about half in White 2.
    -Within each game, I either choose all-caps or "regular" capitalization and use that kind of capitalization for all of the nicknames I give (so if I named my Zubat "Batty" and my Rattata "Ratty", I would either have it be "Batty" and "Ratty" or "BATTY" and "RATTY").
    -I try to always keep a Pokemon in the Day Care so I don't feel like my steps are wasted.
    -I never give Pokemon Berries as held items (or anything else that's single-use).
    -I never use my real name for my trainer, my rival, or any of my Pokemon.
    -I heal overzealously, generally whenever even one of my Pokemon has taken more than a third of its HP in damage, has any status condition, or has used more than 5 PP of at least one move (unless I'm navigating a route for the first time, fighting a Gym, or doing anything else such that healing would be inconvenient).
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