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Update #3
Defeated Rival ???
Caught Farfetchd for guy
Caught Rattata(HM SLAVE)
Hatched Mareep from egg
Got through Ilex Forest
Boxed Mareeep
Arrived in Goldenrod City
Answered Questions and got radio card
Defeated Whitney


Update #4
Got bike from bike man
Talked to name rater and nicknamed Slugma as Slugs
Got Squirt Bottle from flower lady
Got Spearow from passing green dude
Won the bug catching contest
Gave Spearow to rest guy Sidequest Complete!
Showed Togepi to Professor Elm, Sidequest Complete!
Finally arrived at Ecruteak city
Defeated Team Rocket Grunt and got Surf
Defeated ???
Went downstair and made dogs run
Defeated Morty