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Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
Guns are already banned in the UK, but murders seem to continue for some reason. Oh no

They're stabbing each other using kitchen knives now.

It must definetly be the kitchen knives' fault then, without a doubt. Let's ban them:

It might seem like a joke, but that's the kind of logic all these anti gun people here are following. The same kind of nonsense the medical industry also practices: Treating the symptoms, not the underlying cause. The problems can just go on forever.

Add to that the fear factor caused by the mainstream media news, and the people will accept just about everything in order to have that illusion of ''security''.

Knives were made to cut stuffs, like bread, meat, cheese. Food most likely.

Guns were meant to serve one purpose, to kill. Anything can be used as a weapon. Heck I can even use a spoon as a killing device. People just need to learn that guns were only made to kill, period.

Also, you could perform a massacre with a gun, with a knife, you will lost likely get stopped by someone before killing half of the number of people you would with a gun.
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