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Originally Posted by Rain Dancer View Post
Guns are already banned in the UK, but murders seem to continue for some reason. Oh no

They're stabbing each other using kitchen knives now.

It must definetly be the kitchen knives' fault then, without a doubt. Let's ban them:

It might seem like a joke, but that's the kind of logic all these anti gun people here are following. The same kind of nonsense the medical industry also practices: Treating the symptoms, not the underlying cause. The problems can just go on forever.

Add to that the fear factor caused by the mainstream media news, and the people will accept just about everything in order to have that illusion of ''security''.
The underlying cause is that some people have mental issues. Yes. Let's fix them.

But, turning things upside-down, what are guns freely given to everybody used for? To defend yourself from people using the guns you are freely giving around! Amazing. Since the sauce we used tastes bad, let's have another layer of sauce which will likely make the dish taste even worse.

Crime is hard to avoid -specially when a sizeable amount of US States don't give a flipping burger about education-, but freely handing out weapons whose only purpose is killing people, which do it easily and swiftly and from a distance- is not, not, not helping anything. There are almost as many machines whose only purpose is killing people in the hands of untrained citizens as actual citizens in the US! (88 per 100 people). Meanwhile in Europe and Canada, where guns are heavily restricted, gun crime rates are hundreds of times lower than in the US. Maybe it's because there aren't as many guns lying around? It's just a working theory.

And yes, knives can kill people. But killing people is NOT the only use of a knive, and there are rounded knives that would take a ridiculously insane precision to kill anybody, if at all. Do you know of any sort of gun who can be used for anything else than killing people? No! Because their only use is killing people!

And again, defence. Well, a gun only gives you a true advantage against knives and the like, since any criminal who wants to kill you with one has to get close to you, probably fight against you, etc, giving you time to shoot them (incidentally, this also means you can try to disarm them without a gun, or simply run away or throw things at them in an attempt to incapacitate the criminal as they can't just simply pull a trigger from a distance).

But another gun? Well, you are in a Wild West shootout- the faster one wins! Or the one who is aware that they are carrying a gun they want to use, since the unaware victim won't be able to defend itself in that case, even if they are carrying a billion guns with them. Or the one who decides to shoot instead of running for cover once they see their life directly challenged.

And a car? If someone comes running at you at high speed, shooting them (if you are fast enough to even react) won't probably change a thing. A bomb? Lethal virus? What the hell can you do with a gun? Nothing!

In other words, many countries decided that the "loss" in self-defence is worth it if, in turn, crazy people have it much, much, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch harder to get their hands on a gun and shoot a dozen people every year.

Education is the best solution? Why of course! Detecting and helping people with mental issues? Certainly! But, until then, maybe not distributing machines whose only purpose is killing people to anybody who asks for them could be a good patch until then.
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