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    A Dangerous Encounter...

    Krissu was helping her. How odd, she seemed quite unhappy. Angel would have thought she would have already given up on battle. The girl looked between her and the battle. She seemed terribly disappointed in Ange. Why though? It wasn't to do with her. Perhaps Krissu was just kind. Yes, that would be right. Sia was struggling in the cocoon, eyes covered by the white string. Don't most rely on their eyes? How would Sia then fight with his eyes covered?

    How did one even fight?

    Ah... That must be where she came in then.

    She grinned at Krissu, a rather childish expression by nature. "Thank you... it's rather odd to me. My eyes say you don't care... but my ears say you're quite scared. Very conflicting messages..." She walked slowly to stand behind the struggling Caterpie. It was trying to squirm at at, glaring in the complete opposite direction. She closed her eyes, listening to both Pokemon struggle. "Sia," she called. For some reason, she felt quite at peace with this moment. "Rollout. Follow my voice."

    I was raised following others, following their sounds, their hands. Maybe someone will follow me.

    Sia must have heard, having stopped wiggling. He hesitated and Ange called again. "Rollout over here!" Wouldn't he hit her? "Sia. Please." Sia began to spin, gaining more and more speed around the string cocoon. He pushed himself toward her, setting off at a roll toward where her voice had been. Ange quickly ran off as soon as Sia smacked into the caterpillar, moving to stand on the opposite side. "Over here."

    He obeyed again as the Caterpie rose, ready to Tackle the little bug. The two knocked into each other, leaving both horribly dazed. Ange giggled a little then frowned pensively. She pulled a tiny ball from her bag. "Maybe it's time to use this...?" She did know how to use a Pokeball of course. That NPC Elm had shown her that much. She enlarged it and threw, rather like a baseball. It pulled the Caterpie inside in a beam of light.

    Ange didn't watch this, going to help her dizzy Solosis. She began to tug off the string. "You're really strong." No one could be sure if she was talking to Sia or Krissu, least of all Ange herself.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."