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    I tried using A-Starter to hack in Elekid as my started in Liquid Crystal, but the game keeps glitching out on me so I'll scrap it.

    Instead I'll do an Ultimate Run using Electabuzz through Leaf Green - Crystal - Emerald - Platinum - Black

    I'll get on the Leaf Green playthrough right away!

    EDIT: Got enough done for an update, a little over leveled at this stage but I'm okay with it.

    Update #1
    -Hacked in Elekid.
    -Beat rival with no problem.

    -Went through Viridian Forest.
    -Took on Brock and defeated him much easier than expected.

    -Went through Mt. Moon.
    -Took on Rival south of Nugget Bridge.

    -Made way to Bill's House and turned him back into a human.
    -Battled Misty and OHKO'd both of her Pokémon.

    -Buzzy evolved into Electabuzz while going through the SS Anne

    -Beat Rival just outside Captain's Quarters.

    -Took down Surge without a sweat, being over leveled is amazing!