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Dark Cloud. Its life was brief, but the two games that it delivered were so great omg. Dark Cloud was like one of the first Playstation games I ever played, through a collection of demos that came with the PS2 my brother bought way back. I kept on try to get further and further in the demo everytime, and finally got it several years later. And it wasn't disappointing at all. It grew much more fun the further I got in the game, and I loved the story, the concept, the gameplay, the controls and all. And that continued into the next game. The characters were great, and while I would've liked to see Tora back again in the second game, it was just as great. There were rumours that Dark Cloud 3 would be made though, and it was later confirmed that it'd be made for the PS2 aswell, but that never happened. Later it was said to come out on the PS3 March 2009, but that never happened either, and since then it doesn't seem like there's been any news. It's really a shame, since the games were really enjoyable, and I'd love to see it make a comeback, but from the looks of it, that isn't going to happen. Unless they decided on doing a Duke Nukem :p
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