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Burgh was mostly easy except for Leavanny. Each of its Razor Leafs took a bit less than half of Sebastian's HP, while nothing Sebastian had (Tackle, Rock Smash and Bite, plus Work Up at that point) did much more than about a third in return. I had one X Speed (I've never used battle items before, but I can see them coming in handy for this run), so I decided to use it and at least get out in front of the Leavanny, but it countered almost immediately with String Shot, so we just kept plodding along. Three Super Potions and two Lemonades later, it was over and we had won.

Then went back and healed and it was on to Route 4. Fought Bianca at the gate, then Cheren on the road - neither one was any trouble at all. Headed out into the desert, then down and around to the water and fought the two fisherman. At the end of the second one, Sebastian went to level 32 and evolved to Stoutland. Worked our way through the rest of the desert, then picked up the Dig TM from a construction worker near the road to Desert Resort and taught Dig to Sebastian. Shame that he can't learn Earthquake or even Bulldoze, but it'll have to do. Then it was on to Nimbasa City.

Met Professor Juniper at the gate and got the Quick Balls (funny that pokeballs means absolutely nothing now), then went in and rescued the Day Care guy and got the bicycle. Got the Strength TM, then tried to figure out what I was going to do with it. I checked a bit and discovered that Rufflet can learn Cut, Strength and Fly, which will work perfectly with Carl the Panpour learning all the water HMs, so I traded in a Rufflet named Benny and taught him Cut and Strength. And Work Up, so that he'll have something non-combat to do with his turns if he ends up in a double battle. Went to the Amusement Park, took the dull ferris wheel ride with N then mopped the floor with his pokemon. Then we went out onto Route 5 and dealt with those trainers, then headed toward Route 16, but stopped when we got the Macho Brace from a guy in the gate house. I decided it'd be a good time to work on Sebastian's EVs a bit, since we were about to start getting into stuff with unwanted Special Attack EVs, so we went all the way back to the Dreamyard and turned circles for a while, fainting Patrats, Purrloins and Munnas, for Attack, Speed and HP respectively. Did that until I was too bored to do it any more, then headed back to Nimbasa, swinging by Desert Resort along the way. Trudged through there and dealt with all the trainers, then went back into town, healed up, then went out onto Route 16 and dealt with those trainers.

Took a screenie since there's a gesture that Ducklett makes that amuses me.

It's as if it's trying vainly to interrupt - "Oh - hang on a sec'... umm..."

Then back into town to heal, and saved outside the door to Elesa's gym.

Sebastian - male Stoutland, level 38
Adamant / Intimidate
-Rock Smash


Carl the Panpour
Benny the Rufflet
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