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Originally Posted by Wielie View Post
Alright, so I'm trying to decide on something, and I need something that will let me input the move's type, power, and the stat behind it independently so that I can determine whether I should go with Ice type Hidden Power, or Ice Punch.

If there is nothing, then I need help deciding from you.

Ice Punch with 294 Atk behind it (Base 75 power)


Ice Type Hidden Power with 326 SpA behind it (Base 70 power)

I'm thinking Hidden Power, but I'm not entirely sure.
It also depends upon what Pokemon it is and what nature it is. Some Pokemon are fine mixed, however from the looks of it you're better off with HP Ice, given that I'm assuming you have a +sPA nature, or a higher sPA IV, or the fact that the Pokemon has higher sPA overall.

Sooo what Pokemon/nature is it?

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