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    Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
    While some of the tiles are iffy, I understand that they're just placeholders until you can get better ones.

    The story was pretty good, but I couldn't help noticing this: Haha, I would expect you and your father to be distant if he's been gone for years...

    As always this hack has potential, I hope you can bring in some quality that most hacks haven't been able to do lately. Good luck!
    Thanks for the support! And trust me, this hack will be something else! I'm great with storylines and I'm an awesome scripter. Those two put together are a weapon when hacking! c; Okay, enough bragging for me! ._.
    Were you referring to the lab when your said about the iffy tiles? I'm in the process of fixing that :p The problem is finding one that size or smaller due to the fact that my tileset is full! It will be replaced when I find one! No worries!

    Also, what I meant in that part of the storyline is that you don't see your father much but you don't hate him. lol
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