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Originally Posted by Elite Four Lucian View Post
It's not gonna be Black. It's going to be either DPPt or HG/SS
Oh, you stated it in the introduction thingy.

Anyways, here is my application:

Name: Idk :'(
Skill(s): I can write very well
Proof Of Work: Here are 2 storylines that I wrote
You had a weird dream, a dream about a Pokémon of the Nature. So powerful is he, and yet he seeks your help. He brings your soul into the future to look at a world of agony, darkness and chaos. You woke up with your neighbor and best friend, Felix staring at you. He tells you that he had a similar dream, only the Pokémon that he saw in his dream was one of pure evil and darkness. The both of you consulted Professor Oak and he hands you a Pokémon each, thinking it is too dangerous for two 12 year old kids to be wandering around without a Pokémon to protect them. You both decided to set out on your own separate journeys to find out more about the mysterious dreams. Little did the both of you know that you will see each other again in a very different place and under very different circumstances with different motives...

Welcome to the Renova Region! It is a strange region considering that there are more people on the Region Island itself than the actual region. This particular island is called Magenta. It is named with the most uncreative names and with the most uncreative people. In this bunch, there is Drew! A 23 Year-old University graduate. He lives alone with a room mate who never comes home and leads a boring life. But then, he is about to learn the deep dark secret of the island of Magenta.... Thousands of years ago, a big war broke out. MILLIONS died in this war, but both sides refused to back down. One day, a Pokemon with such strong power that it can collapse a thousand rows of mountains with just one blow sacrificed its life to stop the war. Everything froze in place and got buried under mile-thick sand. But in modern days, with modern evil doers roaming, one person decides to make history repeat itself by reviving the leaders of the two regions that has once brought unimaginable chaos to the world.
Contact Info: PM/VM/Skype (PM me for Skype info)
Summary of Skills: What is this?
Past Experience:What is this?
Time Zone:What is thi- oh, GMT +8.00