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    Jeez, last update before the final one... I have come quite the long way. And I'm not finishing once I beat Gary, no, I'm done once I defeat #150.

    Beat Moltres

    Beat Zapdos

    And beat Giovanni...

    The Team:

    Captain, the scurvy seadog of the Orange Islands, with cannons up and ready to fire a mighty blizzard.

    DJ Wild, the rad, mad DJ who uses his secret power to destroy all in his path.

    Toxin, the seductive femme fatale whose aerial ace is just as deadly as her looks.

    Mimien, the French artist who uses magical leaf as both a beautiful work of art, and a deadly weapon.

    Tiny Tim, the happy-go-lucky musician who has no care in the world, and is still a fierce fighter with his psychic hidden power.

    And finally Frostbite, a warrior that goes down in history as one of the strongest with it's use of ice beam.

    One more update left guys, and this challenge will not only be completed, but be the first time I complete Pokemon Leafgreen.

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