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    (Author's note: Before I start, I'd like to say thank you to everyone in the Pokecommunity forums for being so nice and welcoming! I do truly appreciate it. This will be the first story I'm going to start updating here. It's a journey fic with an OT named Lily, but I do really adore Journey fics when they're well written. I do also hope you'll enjoy my trainer fic too.

    Also, don't be worried. I've rated it M for possible violent confrontations in later chapters. Better safe than sorry!

    Anyways, onward to the story!)
    E-mail to: Professor Samuel Oak ([email protected])
    From: Professor Joan Willow ([email protected])

    Dearest Samuel,

    I regret that I couldn't tell you this in person, or over the phone, but I won't be able to attend your lecture on Pokemon History this week. It's a real shame, as I find your lectures at the Kanto University to be extremely informative and eye opening, however, considering some unforseen circumstances involving my niece and ex sister-in-law, I don't believe I'll be able to make it. It seems that Lily has discovered a Pokemon egg, and has decided to take care of it, in spite of her mother's hate for trainers since my brother's death. You would remember about that, wouldn't you? Needless to say, I've insisted that she come stay with me, and continue taking care of the egg. Next time around, please invite me again, and I'm sure I'll actually come, but for now, please give my seat to our colleague, Professor Elm. He seems to enjoy your lectures more than me, even though I do enjoy listening to you talk.

    Yours truly,
    Joan Willow

    P.S. Maybe, next week, after I get Lily settled in here, I can meet you over coffee at that place in Celadon you like so much. It may be a long flight from Eiko to Kanto, but, in order to see you, a couple of hours riding on my Pidgeot's back is nothing. I'll pay and everything.


    Ah, finally! Professor Willow settled back into her computer chair before pressing send. After writing and rewriting the email to make it seem professional, the middle aged woman was positively exhausted. The lights in the lab had been dimmed, and Joan suddenly realized the lack of lighting other than the bright computer screen was what caused her pounding headache. She rubbed at her eyes with the palms of her hands before replacing black, square glasses onto the bridge of her nose.

    Before she could stand, the woman's greying-purple hair was licked out of her face by a Gastly. With an expletive and some angry shouting, the professor managed to pull herself together and glare at the floating ball of mist, whose tongue was still hanging out of its mouth. The Pokemon looked extremely pleased with itself, and even attempted to near Joan again.

    "Gah, Obake! NO!" The woman scolded, wiping the ghostly saliva from her bangs. "I certainly hope you can behave, like the good Ghost-type I know you are, or else you'll be put back in your Pokeball before I have to leave, and I won't take you with me at all."

    The Gastly, in turn to being scolded, made a whimpering sound and floated into the shadows of the room while Professor Willow glared after it. After she had figured Obake was going to leave her alone, Joan rose from her chair and looked at her watch. The SS Anne would be docking in Typhoon Bay in a little less than two hours. That was enough time to take a shower, look presentable, and fly there.

    Or, it was enough time to walk there from her lab in Forecast City.

    "Obake, should we walk, or should we fly?" Joan asked the misbehaving Pokemon.

    In order to give the Professor its answer, Obake floated through the front door of the lab a couple of times before floating around the Professor's head. Joan contemplated for a moment, and then nodded.

    "Yes, I believe you're right. Let me get my bag. We'll walk."

    The ghost Pokemon seemed exceptionally thrilled by this, and started floating in big circles all around the main room of the lab. Though, after a few moments of its foolish dancing about, it followed Joan into her room and mimicked sitting on her bed, watching her intently as she packed potions, revives, and berries in her purse, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Obake made a discontented growling noise as it "sat" there.

    "Oh, do calm down, you impatient ball of mist," she said. "I'm almost done. We have to get there as quickly as possible so Lily doesn't get lost in Typhoon City. It is a rather big place..."

    The impatient ball of mist, as the professor so bluntly put it, floated next to its Pokeball and waited for Joan to grab it. The woman grabbed the red and white ball in between her fingers and stared at the battered Pokemon holder. My, how the years had beaten and bruised it. The Pokemon that it often contained had been held it it for what felt like decades.

    "How long has it been now, Obake? Twenty years? Thirty? I've lost count. You and I have been together for so long. I hope you and I will be together for a very long time into the future as well. I'm not exactly sure what I'd do without you, you mischevious little thing."

    Joan pressed the button on the capsule, and Obake stuck its tongue out as he was pulled into it with a flash of red energy. The professor placed the ball in her pocket and headed for the front door of the lab, then stopped for a moment of thought.

    "Even now, going for a walk anywhere with Pokemon makes me so happy," she remarked to herself quietly. "I must be going crazy!"

    With a small chuckle, she pushed the door of the lab open and stepped out into the streets of Forecast City. Cool autumn air blew into Joan's lungs and she wondered how long she'd been inside of the lab. Days, weeks, months even? It didn't matter now though. She was out, and she was walking.

    "Here we go."
    One day I'll have something interesting to put here.

    And you guys should check out my Journey fic, Long Road to Ruin!
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