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Originally Posted by Wandering~Leaf View Post
I truthfullly kind of liked it, except for the fact that it didn't really have that "Lotr fantasy" atmosphere like the trilogy did. Not only that, but Gandalf used more magic/power in that movie than he did out of all the trilogy movies combined. I just hope the second movie is better...
Not even a little bit, I agree. Perhaps the only moments that it felt remotely like genuine Lord of the Rings fantasy was when the characters were in the notable cities, Erebor and Rivendale. Only then it was because the cities were an entire fantasy world all their own. On another note, Gandalf absolutely used magic more in this movie than ever, but perhaps it's a foreshadow? Maybe the overuse of magic causes something to happen that discourages extensive use in the future... Now I'm mildly curious. :x
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