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Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
*updated story and FAQs*

I know I pretty much let this hack die, but I was veeeery busy the first semester of school. I decided to continue thinking about this hack, and I'll see what I can do to at least complete a Beta. I know I keep saying this, and I'm not promising anything, but I want to return to this hobby. And, I'll probably release a map-beta soon, if nothing else.

I want to make a hack of significant quality. Some hacks have great graphics, but mediocre story. Some have great, deep story, but a mediocre look and feel that turns people off. I want to make a hack that balances both. I feel like I can write a good story and be artistic enough to make this hack beautiful in my own style. The graphics won't be top-notch or anything special, but I think you'll come to love them in their simplicity.

I think hacking has come to a bad stage, and maybe Crimson can help usher it into a new era of quality and not just doing it for kicks of the maker, but to bring something to the players as well, and leave them speechless and wanting more.
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