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I liked the old name better lol

I debated with myself for long if I should try to join or not, but then I stumbled upon a picture of a red mage from ff I think and suddenly a character concept sprouted. I think I'll post what I have so far so you can say if this character would work or not at all :p

Firstly, I want him to be feminine looking half-elf. I'll have a story for it. Is that ok? Secondly, he might be a bit of a comic relief, but I'll make sure he can be serious as well. Or at least if forced, hrrm. Thirdly, he'll have two imaginary/schizophrenicly made-up companions who he believe are fairy versions of Andal and Dabel. He believes that they are constantly waging a war for his loyalty and trying to make him choose right or wrong whenever such a choice appears. Which most often will lead to the character doing something unexpected or neither right or wrong, if I'm able to play this out in a good way. His favorite gods will be Tempus and Lumis, even though they are not part of the nine, because he thinks they are the most fair deities, making day and night work for everyone regardless of deeds or beliefs. Also, he'll wear a red cape and hat with a feather and be more or less involuntarily obsessed with gold.

Please, grandpa and god, can I have him?
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