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    Thanks for the review Bay Alexison (are you the same Bay from Serebii?). Glad you find the battles engaging!

    Here's the next part


    Ophelia stood on top of a cliff. In the valley below hundreds of pokemon looked up at her adoringly. Almost every single pokemon known to man were there, from the creepiest, slimiest Caterpies to a ferocious, roaring Dragonite. She waved her arm over them, and they erupted into cheers and roars. She was the master of them all. Then, it suddenly became cold. The sky became dark and the pokemon screamed.

    A chill went down her spine, and she turned around.

    Behind her was the most powerful of all pokemon.


    A cat-like, bipedal creature floated in a psychic bubble. It looked at her solemnly and Ophelia stood strong as she stared this powerful being right in the eye. Its skin was so pale, a deathly shade of purple--it disgusted her! Then, the Psychic bubble it cast over itself vanished. The pokemon walked right to Ophelia until there noses nearly touched.

    “OW! HEY! OUCH!”

    The Mewtwo lazily grabbed Ophelia by the scruff of her shirt and slapped her face back and forth with no expression on her face.


    Ophelia was back in the world of the awake now, no more dreams of being Pokemon Master for her. The “Mewtwo” that decided to randomly slap her was actually her friend Whitney who burst out into laughter upon seeing the look of rage on Ophelia’s face.

    “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! GET OUT OF HERE!” a nurse cried entering the room.

    “No, it’s fine. I want her here,” Ophelia responded, gritting her teeth and glaring at her “friend.”

    Sitting beside her was her other friends Jack and Bugsy. She was lying on a bed in a rather drab looking room. Then she remembered where she was supposed to be…

    “SHOOT! How long I have I been out!”

    “3 weeks,” Jack responded quite drably.

    Ophelia leaped out of her bed and started to scream many swear words (much to the nurse’s horror) that she didn’t even know existed.

    “SHUT UP, JACK! Ophelia, it’s barely been half an hour,” Whitney responded, grabbing onto a hyperventilating Ophelia’s shoulders, then restraining her from mauling Jack.

    “But what’s going--”

    “Don’t worry, in the event of trainer incapacitation in a battle, you have an hour to recover before the battle is cancelled. It’s only been a half an hour, we can start the battle again!” Bugsy piped up.

    “For the love of Celebi, what is wrong with you Ophelia! An Aerial battle? Really? You have bigger balls than a Tauros’” Jack said with a grin.

    Ophelia made a rather rude gesture at him.

    “Ignore him, Shug. The battle is going wonderfully. This is by far your best battle yet!“ Whitney said, sitting Ophelia down on her bed. “You both have three pokemon left, so it’s like we’re starting fresh into a 3 on 3 battle.”

    “You know…your friend did just fall about twenty thousand feet from the sky. I don’t think she’s in any state to be battling!” the nurse growled, running over to Ophelia and putting her hand on her forehead.

    “Oh I’m fine. I just have a little headache, that’s all. It’s not everyday you get to be in an explosion in the sky, though,” Ophelia responded with a grin.

    “Oh thank Heaven’s she’s alright!”

    They expected to see Heather Bergeron, but it was actually the suited man from the Legal Department who ran towards Ophelia with his arms outstretched as if he wanted to hug her before the trainer glared up at him.

    “If you step a foot closer, you’re going to have a sexual harassment suit up your butt. And by sexual harassment suit, I mean my boot,” Ophelia threatened.

    The suited lawyer immediately got a hold of himself and stopped mid-run. Heather Bergeron followed him.

    “Good Lord, how are you feeling? Mr. Bloodsworth woke up only five minutes after the fall, but I’m more worried about you, you poor thing!”

    “I’M FINE! I’M FINE! Let me get back in the battle so I can win this thing, already.”

    Despite her repeated pleas, she had to face a barrage of more questions and demands from Heather and the lawyer.

    “Okay, I have no further questions. I think she’s ready to battle,” the lawyer said, finally setting his pen down after furiously scribbling notes onto a legal pad.

    “You know, as the only person in this room with medical experience…I do object! This poor girl possibly has a concussion or even worse a hematoidal angia. We need to keep her overnight for observat--”

    But when the nurse looked up from her medical chart, everyone was already gone.


    “ANDDDDD WE ARE BACK INTO THE BATTLE! After an explosive end to one of the most exciting rounds in the history of the Silver Cup Tournament, both Ms. Hardwell of Goldenrod and Mr. Bloodsworth of Ecruteak are healthy and ready to continue. Both are down to three pokemon each. The winner of this battle will be the winner of the 1982 Johto Silver Cup Tournament!”

    Ophelia never felt better. The half an hour nap was refreshing if anything. The Miles kid sure was a tough cookie. He showed her that he could even battle out in the field among the like of some of the grittiest trainers in Johto. She knew that his undefeated Slowking was still in the waiting.

    The original Referee was back and raised his flags, signaling them to call their pokemon.

    Houndoom vs Clefable

    “Houndoom, go!”

    “Go, Clefable.”

    On Miles’ side came forth a bulky, round pink fairy-like creature with small violet wings that appeared useless. It jumped slowly up and down the air waving its three fingered hands back and forth. Such an adorable, almost ditzy, pokemon seemed out of place in front of its intense trainer.

    Houndoom couldn't be more different. A ferocious black, demonic canine that stood in front of Ophelia was already snarling at her opponent, putrid drool seeping from her snarled mouth. With bony ridges on its back, two large curled horns, and a skull shaped pendant below her neck, the Houndoom seemed like she leaped from the flames of Hell itself.

    “The Clefable is not intimidated by that terrifying Houndoom, but let’s see how they battle!”

    “Burn her like a marshmallow!”

    “Pray to the stars.”

    The Houndoom heaved deep and a flame ignited within the toxins in his belly. He gave a great roar and a small stream of orange and red flames hurtled through the stadium toward the Clefable, who stood still with eyes closed and hands together, glowing a faint shade of blue. The flames hit the pokemon directly, who fell to the side with a little, “woah.”

    After the flames subsided, the Clefable stood back up, wiping its belly as if it stung by a small ant. It craned one of its fingers towards itself, beckoning the Houndoom to come toward it. The demonic canine, angered at the ineffectiveness of its last attack, rushed toward the pokemon with her fangs baredt. But as Houndoom rushed towards the Clefable, the fairy pokemon started to wave its purple glowing hands back and forth.

    “Clefable is now using Metronome! Anything can happen, folks!”

    When the Houndoom was only ten feet away from crunching its opponent, the Clefable snapped her fingers with a grin. The Houndoom stopped in her path and started to sniff the ground beneath nervously. It was shaking madly and the ground started to crack.

    “Get out of there, Houndoom!”

    But the Houndoom was too slow to respond. The ground at her feet exploded and from underground erupted a massive tornado of blood-red fire that completely engulfed the pokemon. It shot up dozens of feet into the air and spun around madly at a heat of over 500 degrees. Audience members in the first rows were sweating profusely, while the Clefable smiled up at the flaming tornado like it was a simple shooting star.

    “I believe that attack is a Blast Burn or an Overheat…Either way, the Houndoom is completely gobbled up in those flames right now, let’s be glad it’s a fire type--oh dear!”

    With a snap of the Clefable’s fingers, the fire had disappeared. The Houndoom was finally revealed spinning dozens of feet into the air and collapsed on to the ground, a much different creature than the one that was first engulfed by the flames.

    The fire had undoubtedly made the Houndoom extraordinarily powerful. Her eyes turned a black and blue flames now blazed from her back. Smoke fumed from her nostrils and with every step she took the ground started sizzling uncontrollably.

    “Ah, I just looked up Houndoom on my PokeDex! When Houndoom are struck by fire attacks, it only makes them stronger. And this Houndoom, ladies and gentlemen, was struck by a VERY powerful fire attack!”

    “Trap your foe,” Ophelia ordered.

    The Houndoom and Clefable locked eyes, one with a bloodthirsty snarl and the other with an oblivious gaze. They both glowed black, and Clefable was trapped in the arena, unable to be called back by Miles. But Clefable took their eye contact to her advantage and raised one of her arms which fired a ray of violet light right into the Houndoom’s eyes.


    The Confuse Ray struck Houndoom directly, and she stumbled and wobbled around with her face facing the ground, struggling to shake herself out of the delirium. The Clefable started to jump up and down again clapping her hands and egging the confused Houndoom on. The demonic canine grew increasingly agitated before it opened its mouth and shot flames at random.

    “Houndoom! Stop it!”

    The Flamethrower was much more powerful this time around, a massive torrent of blue and black flames, except uncontrollable. Houndoom was facing away from its opponent and shooting the flamethrower all over the stadium, scorching the clean granite field black. Front row audience members ducked, fearing a rogue flamethrower would strike them.

    “Houndoom! Regain control of yourself! You have the power! Use it against your opponent!”

    Houndoom gave a great bellow and more flames erupted from her mouth toward the source of the noise he just heard. Ophelia’s eyes grew wide as the flamethrower now came hurtling to her battle box. With a feminine scream, she ducked to the ground, narrowly dodging the flames that now burned above her head.

    “Oh no! The confused Houndoom nearly just burned poor Ophelia to a crisp. It’s beefed up powers certainly are of no use if it doesn’t know who it needs to attack.”

    From the distance, the demonic canine heard the screams of its owner and snapped out of its confusion. Her opponent nearly made her attack her own master. With a ferocious snarl she turned around and glared at the Clefable who continued to blankly stare, waving her fingers back and forth again.


    With another huge roar, the Houndoom expelled another torrent of black and blue flames that struck Clefable directly in the chest.

    Except this time, the pokemon couldn’t just brush the attack off. It started to singe the Clefable who finally made a sound, wailing in agony trying to beat back the onslaught of blazing hot dark fire.

    When the fire stopped, the Houndoom lunged at the collapsed Clefable desperate to tear its face off. But right as the Houndoom was about to land on its foe, the Clefable disappeared into a burst of white light, and the Houndoom fell on its belly.

    “I forfeit this round. Clefable is withdrawn from the battle,” Miles announced to the shock of the audience.

    “The Trainer has withdrawn Clefable. Houndoom is the winner by forfeit!”

    Murmurs erupted in the stadium. People were shocked to see a round forfeited at the Championship. A slightly shaken Ophelia was back on her feet and understood why her opponent did what he did. His Clefable was about to be defeated, there was no use in making it undergo needless suffering for the slim chance of an upset victory.

    Although many people assumed Miles Bloodsworth was a cold, calculating trainer, Ophelia could tell from her battle that he still cared deeply about his pokemon despite how he may come off.

    Meanwhile, below in the stadium field, Houndoom was enraged and barking madly at the lost opportunity to finish off its opponent. It would definitely take its anger out on the next foe that it would face.

    Houndoom vs Bronzong

    “Rise, Bronzong!”

    An ancient, mystical pokemon materialized, levitating in the air not too far away from Houndoom. It was shaped like a gigantic bell hanging from a long rod, with a staid, teal disposition that looked as if it was painted on. Its brick-shaped eyes were closed shut, and a powerful psychic aura emanated from its floating body.

    But for Houndoom, the Bronzong was still just another bug to be burnt to a fine crisp.


    Another torrent of black and blue flames burst from the beefed-up Houndoom’s belly. The ancient, bell pokemon did not move, and continued to float in mid-air as the attack threatened to turn his steel body into liquid mush. A moment before the flamethrower struck it, the two ends of the rod that held Bronzong up in the air smashed together, casting a large shining barrier of golden light in front of it. The Light Screen absorbed much of the fire, but some flames still burst through.

    The Houndoom jerked her head away, blinded by the powerful explosion of light on flame. When the flames and the barrier vanished, she looked at her opponent who continued to levitate staidly in mid-air, barely damaged by the attack.

    “Miles’ Bronzong isn’t called the “No-Damage Wonder” for no reason! Despite being a steel type, it has strong resistance to fire and can avoid ground attacks by floating in the air--leaving it with absolutely no weaknesses!”

    The Bronzong started to rock back and forth in mid-air, and deep bell tolls started to ring throughout the stadium. He was glowing blue and appeared unthreatening, but he continued to move back and forth and ring with the periodic tolls. The Houndoom was transfixed by the ritual, and the stadium members (along with Ophelia) were trying to figure out what exactly the psychic pokemon was doing. But as soon as it began, it stopped again.

    “Well, I’m not quite sure what happened there, folks…”

    The faint pink light that surrounded the Bronzong’s floating body disappeared eerily. It was only after it disappeared that Ophelia had noticed how the Bronzong was emitting an angelic humming noise. The steel pokemon came crashing down to the ground. For a moment, Ophelia thought the flamethrower had succeeded until shock waves radiated from where the bell pokemon landed.

    “Houndoom! It’s an Earthquake! Jump!”

    The Houndoom leaped into the air as the rumbling advanced, but she couldn’t stay in mid-air forever. She fell back to the rumbling ground where the shock waves continued to billow through and break the field apart.


    The demonic canine yelped as the shaking ground struck her over and over, the force sending her flying into the air, only for her to be struck again as soon as she landed. After a few moments of the onslaught, the Bronzong levitated into the air again, the faint pink aura and angelic humming revived once again. It gazed into the
    wounded Houndoom’s eyes almost tauntingly.

    Angered by its foe’s successful strike, Ophelia’s faithful pokemon gave another roar and a massive blast of blue and black flames shot towards the Bronzong, who cast another Light Screen, shielding it from the full power of the blaze. The angelic humming stopped eerily again, tipping Ophelia off to another impending Earthquake.

    “Jump on it!”

    As the Bronzong plunged to the ground again for another Earthquake attack, the Houndoom leaped onto steel pokemon’s head, biting onto the large, decorative rod that balanced it when it levitated. As the ground shook, the Bronzong was indifferent to the large being on its head trying to rip it apart.

    “Go easy girl, Torment him!”

    Houndoom stopped her vain attempt to bite off one of the Bronzong’s steel appendages, and instead became still and glowed with a black light. She relented, looked up at the sky and gave a deep howl as the Bronzong levitated again with its foe still clinging onto its steel head. Soon, a small beam of black light shot from the Houndoom's head into its Bronzong's body.

    The Bronzong started to spin in mid-air, tossing the Houndoom aside off. She stood up quickly and growling at the ancient pokemon.


    The rods crashed, the barrier rose, and the flames were absorbed.

    “Now, use Overheat!”

    The Houndoom shut its eyes and prepared for a fire attack twice as powerful as its flamethrower. The black and blue flames that blazed from its back sank into the body, and the Houndoom glowed red. Every toxin in her body rushed to her belly preparing to create the massive eruption of heat.

    The Bronzong attempted to smash the ends of its ceremonial rod once again, but the Light Screen failed to materialize.

    “Houndoom’s Torment attack prevents the Bronzong from using the same attacks over and over again!”

    The Bronzong simply adjusted, and spun around at super fast speeds ready to deflect the massive burst of flame that was now rising in the Houndoom’s throat.

    “Houndoom, attack it from above!”

    The Houndoom’s throat was now bulging like a frog’s, filled with a massive flame ready to burn its opponent to a crisp. But she held in the attack for a little longer, leaping above the spinning Bronzong and releasing the deadly attack directly at the its foe.

    The huge ball of black and blue fire, twice the size of its creator, hit the Bronzong within seconds and exploded into a massive conflagration of flame and ash. Where the Bronzong once stood was a flaming black and blue pillar surrounded by ground completely charred black. Houndoom fell back onto the ground, back to her normal state with no more red eyes or a flaming back, panting heavily and glaring at the beautiful fire now engulfing the Bronzong.

    At last, the flaming pillar disappeared and the Bronzong was completely blackened, feebly spinning in a single circle before it collapsed onto the ground. The referee ran towards the fallen bell pokemon but before he could raise his flag, the Bronzong started to glow an angelic white.

    The Houndoom snarled, and the stadium audience gave a collective gasp as the Bronzong levitated back into the air completely engulfed in a bright white light that flashed several times before subsiding. The Bronzong was a healthy blue again, it’s steel polished as new. It was floating back in the air, the angelic hum bursting from its body, gazing into Houndoom again.

    “Think far back into the battle folks! When Miles’ Clefable was first sent out, she used a Wish attack that has the power to heal foes later in the battle. I have never, ever seen a wish that was able to act this far in advance!”

    Ophelia looked at the healed pokemon in disbelief. It would be impossible to pull off the same strategy she used before. And now her Houndoom’s power boost from Clefable was gone, and even weaker after using all of its power on the Overheat attack.

    When she thought the situation couldn’t get any more dire, she heard a thunderous clap from above. She looked to the sky where black clouds were stirring. Now Ophelia understood what the Bronzong was doing early when it (seemingly) just rocked back and forth uselessly. The ancient tolling of a Bronzong could summon rain clouds, and as if they were sliced with a knife, the clouds ripped forth and a powerful torrent fell to the stadium.

    “Moves from earlier in the battle are coming to haunt Ophelia now! A rain cloud has been summoned above the stadium, folks! Hope you brought your umbrellas.”

    The Houndoom yelped in agony as the large rain drops struck her coat. For the fire pokemon, they were like large drops of acid burning her. Ophelia had no choice but to call her Houndoom back.
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