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    Hanso SharpEye

    Hanso watched Zane as he read Penance's letter, then read through a second time. The Gallade nodded once when Zane looked back at him; the letter was real.

    "To answer your question, Vigil, I am unsure. I must deliver the news of his death to my family, but they are a long journey away from here. My other brother, however, may be heading in this direction as we speak, but that I am also unsure of. For now, I will remain here in Albia and see if I cannot establish a telepathic connection with him and his group of fighters. If I can, then . . . ," Kasey glanced around at all the Tribe members that were gathered. "Then maybe I will take up travel with you, if doing so would be convenient for both parties."

    Hanso's eyes snapped over to look at the Ninetales at the mention of telepathy. Especially need to watch out for her. "Just come with us already," Bloodthirster said bluntly, who had just touched down next to them a bit earlier. "I'd say what we're doing here is more important than warning your family... no offense."

    “No, we will not force you to come.” Zane interjected. “Well, Bane, our urgency has just picked up tremendously. One of ours may be in some trouble, so we must depart immediately. We have our path, and you have yours. Yet should you choose to accompany us…”, Zane took off his bag over his shoulder, digging through it and taking out his map of Valkaria, “…we will be traveling along this dotted path due northeast, making for the pass between the Korhal Mountains and the Thieves Forest before turning further northeast to Cape City. Find us there.”

    A sudden chill went up Hanso's spine at Zane's words. He'd told Genevieve that the Gold Tribe was leaving very soon; she'd likely tell the other Sentinels. He didn't know where they were at the moment. His eyes blurred for a moment, ghosts of images floating in his vision. The moment passed, and Hanso shook his head slightly. Focus. Whatever that was...

    Zane looked around to ensure all of the other Gold Tribe members besides Defender had arrived, before signaling to them to move out. He looked back at his sister Bane. “Arceus protect you.”

    Hanso hesitated for a few moments, watching the Ninetales - Bane, was it? It would be better if she came with... He glanced at the rest of the Gold Tribe, who were walking away at the moment. Ragnaros believed their fight against the Silver Tribe was more important than family. Zane thought it was urgent that they get to Cape City to help Penance. I don't need more confusion at the moment. Hanso looked back at Bane before saying, "If we had a few minutes to sit in one place, I could help you establish a connection." The Gallade began walking toward the rest of the Gold Tribe, then sighed to himself. Screw it. He reached out with his telepathy to the Ninetales and relayed, "We're gonna be stopping sooner or later anyways, I'm sure. So, unless your own plans take you elsewhere..."

    Hanso left it at that before readjusting his pack and hurrying to catch up with the rest of the group. Lotta walking...why not just teleport to Cape City? No, if they did that, then they might land themselves in trouble with no way out. Except by teleporting, in which case their presence would have been announced already. Not to mention, if Genevieve or anyone she told found that the Gold Tribe was already gone, then she might not trust anything else Hanso said.

    Hanso shook his head as he headed for Zane's side. Can't really pull out... Or could he? Yes, but that would mean getting nothing from Genevieve. No information, no chance at getting into Sovereign's mind... As he came up beside Zane, Hanso asked quietly, "What would you say the chances are that this trip is free of...incidents?"