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    Oda Baldotter
    After Oda's query, she watched the man go into a tirade of whimsy and bluster, and reminded herself that this was the home of the Famiglia, rather than the citizens that she usually dealt with. They would, of course, have less respect for the badge of Sword. This having been what she presented to most, save for the select few occurrences with Felicita and the time spent with Xoxaa, it was a briefly unnerving experience to have it brushed off so casually by the grinning fool without a name to call by.

    The tirade itself was rather amusing, if only because of the satire it made of the attitude that most young men would approach people with. An abundance of confidence, a lack of respect, and more meat between their legs than between their ears. Were she to choose between the two, the joker was much preferred company. As though the inflections in his voice and the sparkle in his eyes weren't enough, Adam punctuated his words with eccentric gestures and movements.

    "Your glibness does you no credit." Oda stated firmly, after Adam returned to lean against the wall and, from the corner of her eyes, the sight of Nova approaching the podium became clear. She would need to resolve this swiftly. "I advise that you leave the Apprentice alone for the night; this has been a stressful day for Sword, moreso for those of us involved in subduing the thieves. If you'll excuse me, Papa is about to address the Famiglia."

    The departure wasn't much of one, as Oda found herself the nearest seat to perch on and sat with interlaced fingers to listen to Papa's news. Her form was still as a dead woman's, barely moving even upon the end of the speech,a s her mind raced to comprehend the news. The first thoughts to bloom were those of selfishness, for fear of her own mortality. There were attempts made, before, to harm herself in some way; to test whether she would be able to kill herself, should her mind turn in that direction. They'd failed.

    But the removal of The Hanged Man would surely cause her death, which was a thought that made the brand across her back burn. The Adept wasn't sure whether she would be able to handle giving the sacrifice herself, or even if The Hanged Man would allow her to. It was not her fate to choose personal sacrifice, for that reason alone. So her mind turned to rationalization. The Arcana Duello itself; a ridiculous concept, based on might supposedly making right.

    Oda had an immediate list of reasons why that idea was ridiculous to the largest extent, but could not bring them up for fear of the somber attitude that would rest across the ball with acknowledgement of these rules. There were many actions to take, some of them involving attempting to ensure her own immortality, which she wrote off as The Hanged Man's influence, and others attempts at resolving the situation some other way. Reclaiming the attention of the ball, to denounce the idea, was far outside her realm of confidence.

    She would need to talk with the sect leaders, instead, for their pull would be just enough to denounce this idea. They had to be. But to be able to sway such people, who were trodden upon by the thoughts of the masses, she would need the support of other members of the Famiglia. Immediately, she turned to the man named Adam, who had just been nearby, and looked him in the eye.

    "What do you make of this?"
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